We've been your trusted alarm company since 1978. 

We now offer pest control! 

From 2 to 8 legged intruders, we've got you covered. 

How to get 6 FREE MONTHS of alarm monitoring every year...

If you're also a Smith Thompson Security customer, and you pay both your alarm and pest control bill annually, you'll receive credit of 6 months of alarm monitoring.

4 Pre-paid quarterly pest control treatments ($342.08) = 5 free months

Pre-paid year of alarm monitoring ($201.83) = 1 free month

TOTAL = 6 FREE MONTHS ($110.10 value)

Quarterly pest control treatments include:

Treating the inside of the home, outside perimeter of the house,
checking the attic for rodents and other pests, knocking down spider webs and wasps nests, 1 YEAR WARRANTY if prepaid by the year.

Don't want to pay everything annually?
That's ok, there's still a benefit for using both services...
Just pay your pest control as you go, and still receive 1 free month of alarm monitoring credit per paid visit.  Individual quarterly treatments are $79 and include a 30 day retreat warranty.

 Free alarm months are credits only, no cash value. 
All prices displayed are for homes up to 3500 sq ft. Larger homes will be quoted.

Now offering termite prevention & treatment!



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About Us

Smith Thompson Home Security has been around for nearly 37 years, and is expanding the home services that we offer. We now own a fully licensed Pest Control company and will be able to offer incredible rates when you bundle the two services - Security & Pest Control! Pest Control was a natural progression because of the trust that we built with homeowners and small business owners all across Texas.

Common Pests 



If you look up the definition of disgusting, these guys have to be at the top of the list. At best, they'll ruin your appetite at first sight, and at worst, they carry some nasty diseases. Either way, the world would be better off without them. 



Most of them won't hurt you...but they'll make you hurt yourself just trying to get away! Anything with this many legs is just creepy in our book and some of them in fact are very dangerous and venomous. It's best to just not have them around.  



Some of the hardest working little soldiers on the planet. Even the Bible refers to their incredible work ethic. The only problem is...they're not working for you or me! And Carpenter Ants, yeah right...they're not even wearing tool belts! They march into your home by the zillions and just generally no fun to have around. Their evil cousins, Fire Ants, serve no useful purpose but to make our lives miserable. They must die. 


Just weird! Did Stephen King come up with these things? They look evil, wicked, mean, and nasty...and really won't hurt you. We took a vote though, and it was unanimous, they need to go.  

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Full time eating machines! They must be 'non union' workers too...since their job is 24 hour a day demolition. They eat, eat, and eat some more...and never seem to gain weight! And whose idea was it to give them wings, it just made them mobile!



Honey Bees, our buddies, actually make themselves useful. Wasps, Yellow Jackets, and Hornets, they're just rude. These little flying terrorists really don't serve much purpose other than to sting the hell out of you! 'Bad attitude with wings' is the nicest things we can say about them. We tried to negotiate with them and it just didn't work out. 


Some people think they are cute...we don't. And how they get into some of the tightest places just boggles our minds. There's nothing like waking up to the sound of these little trouble makers having a party in your walls and attic! And yes, they do carry some nasty stuff around with them!



Enough said!

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